Pause and Breathe

Often we get caught up leading our busy lives that, we forget to stop and just BREATHE. Even though we may know the importance of self-care, sometimes, stopping does not seem possible. I fell victim to this not so long ago. I refused to stop simply because I wanted to keep going and other people kept pushing work onto me. I could not say NO. Reaching out to people in my inner circle really helped me simply because I was able to see how I was about to burn out.
An important point to note is that our lives become so meaningless when we keep pushing without pausing and reflecting on how are we really coping. Pausing and doing nothing is not “Wasted time” or “being lazy”. Doing nothing is what our bodies need. We should not feel guilty. Remember being busy is not a sign that indicates success. Giving yourself time out helps us rejuvenate so we can complete tasks wholeheartedly.

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