Be Grateful for where you are

We often find it difficult to stay patient while striving to reach our goals. However, when you reflect back you will notice all the little steps you took in order to reach where you currently are. Reflecting on a daily basis, is vital in order to make you realise that you have so much to be grateful for.
You should respect your process. Know that everyone works in their own pace. Things take longer for certain people. In the meantime, do what you enjoy, be mindful and take life as a blessing, let things happen in their own time. Do not be discouraged about the amount of time it takes to achieve your goals. It is important to respect yourself and your progress. Appreciate the small progress you are making daily. Remember that you are getting closer to your goal each day. Do not burn yourself out with stress and worries.
Trust the process, after all when you do reach your goal you can finally enjoy the benefits simply because, you know how hard you worked to reap the benefits. Happiness is not trying to achieve goals, it is enjoying the process. Don’t convince yourself that you are in a rush because, you are competing with other people. Believe in yourself and know your worth and most importantly trust in your process.

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